Strong by Bret is an affordable, flexible, and highly effective full body online strength training program for women created by the world's foremost expert in glute training, Bret Contreras, PhD, CSCS, and personal trainer for 18 years.

The workouts in this program are the exact workouts used in the Glute Lab by members of Bret’s Glute Squad and are highly efficient to maximize aesthetics, body-composition, strength, and athletic goals.

This program offers 3 levels of membership to choose from:

As a member of this program at the Strong by Bret membership level, you will receive access to 3 new full body strength training workouts every 4 weeks, plus 3 additional/optional full body workouts, three Powerlifting options (check out THIS  and supplementary glute workouts.  Each new full body workout includes approximately 7 exercises per session, a highly detailed instructional video, and a printable workout PDF.

Inner Circle Members receive access to all of the workouts and accompanying materials, as well as exclusive Ask Bret Contreras video content tailored especially for this program.  Inner Circle Members will also enjoy access to form check evaluations with Bret via the community forum as well as the opportunity to ask questions about the workouts and engage with other like-minded members.

1:1 Online Training is an exclusive opportunity to train in a highly personalized setting with Bret.

Online Coaching is a much more personal client-coach relationship and for this reason, capacity is limited to 1-3 clients at a time.  Please note that there is currently no availability for this product at the present time.

This product is best suited for those wishing to compete in bikini, bodybuilding, or powerlifting competitions and those experienced in lifting and familiar with basic principles of flexible dieting and adhering to a macronutrient plan.

Here are a few notes to help you get started right away:

Your Program

All workouts can be found in the top menu bar under the Workouts tab. There you will find your Main Workouts, the Supplementary Workouts, the optional Powerlifting programs, and the Basic Workouts for a middle of the month start.

New Starter Workouts

The New Starter Workout series features the Basic Workouts. If you are joining the program during Weeks 2-4 of the current workout cycle, you may choose to follow this Basic Workout series or you may jump into the Main Workout programming and finish out the cycle with the group. You can see which week the cycle is in by looking at the Member Dashboard.

New workouts are added to the site every 4-weeks. You will receive an email announcing the beginning of each new cycle. If you choose to start with the New Starter workouts, please make the switch to the Main Workouts at this time.

Optional Full Body Workouts

Strong by Bret offers additional and optional Full Body Workouts for members who prefer to workout more than three days per week. If desired, please choose 1-2 workouts from the Optional Full Body Workout selection to complete your workout week.

Please note: The Main Workouts in Strong by Bret are highly efficient and additional workouts are not necessary.

Supplementary Glute Workouts

These Glute Blasting Circuit workouts can be performed on off days between your Main Workouts or as a finisher at the end of any workout. Feel free to mix it up and experiment to find which exercises work your glutes the hardest.

Powerlifting Programs

Interested in competing in Powerlifting or just want to focus on building incredible strength? Then you may be interested in choosing to follow one of the three Powerlifting options Strong by Bret offers. Please choose either the Main Workout programming or one Powerlifting program and do not combine these workouts.

Form Checking and Feedback

Form checks are a valuable feature of the Inner Circle membership plan and take place on the Community Forum, which can be found under the Forum tab of the menu bar for Inner Circle members.

Simply scroll down the page and click on the Form Checking and Feedback section for further instruction.

Exercise Library

Please be sure to review Bret's notes and instructional videos every month before starting your new set of workouts.

Detailed demonstrations of the exercises featured in the Main Workouts can be found in the Exercise Library.

The Strong by Bret program is appropriate for all fitness levels.  Everyone has to start somewhere and no one enters the gym knowing it all. Beginners are highly encouraged to spend time learning more about the exercises featured in this program and to adhere to appropriate modifications as needed. As a member of Strong by Bret, you will no doubt increase your strength training knowledge, improve your form, and build confidence in the gym!

The bretcontreras.com website and the Bret Contreras YouTube channel are excellent resources for all experience levels to familiarize themselves with the Strong by Bret strength training exercises and technique.  If you are a beginner, you may wish to consider joining as an Inner Circle Member to take advantage of the valuable insights and information provided in the community forum as well as the opportunity to have your form reviewed by Bret.  You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Most commercial gyms are equipped with everything you need to follow the Strong by Bret workouts.

This program can be done from home with some modifications or substitutions if you do not have everything needed for the workout! These workouts typically utilize barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and benches.  While modifications are often cited in the workout, if you find yourself needing a quick substitution, our friendly and knowledgeable community forum is an excellent resource.  

The Strong by Bret program encourages a focus on progressive overload, which means a gradual increase over time in the weights used for the workout, the amount of repetitions performed, and/or the quality of the repetitions. Ideally, a member working out from home would have a way to eventually increase the weights used in the exercises. Craigslist and second hand sporting goods stores are excellent places to find workout equipment and many members who work out from home build their home gyms a little bit at a time.

Great question!  Strong by Bret is designed to be highly effecient and deliver the results you are looking with minimal time spent in the gym.

The base plan for the workouts is 3-days per week and each workout will take about 1-1.5 hours to complete, depending on individual habits.

Bret advocates a "less is more" approach and his personal clients see the best improvements following this method.  However, some people do prefer to exercise more frequently and for this reason this program offers additional optional workouts.

Rest and recovery is a crucial part of any well-designed program and you may be surprised to learn that additional cardio is not needed with this program.  Eat wisely to fuel your workouts and follow Bret's advice along with the Strong by Bret workouts and you will be on the road to achieving the increased strength and improved body composition results you desire.  No pricey in person training sessions in the Glute Lab are necessary!

No, unless otherwise stated in your workout materials. Please complete all sets of any given exercise before moving on to the next movement.

Strong by Bret offers a free 14-day trial period with every membership.  If you give the program a try and decide it's not for you, you may cancel anytime within the first 14-days of your membership and there will be no charges billed to your credit card.  

If you love the program and want to stick with it, simply keep enjoying the workouts and your billing will begin automatically on the 15th day and continue until cancellation.  

Billing will occur every 30-days after the first month's charge.  If you would like to cancel at any time, please do so before your next billing cycle and access to the program and future billing will cease immediately. ACCESS TO WEBSITE WILL END EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY AFTER CANCELLATION. PLEASE DOWNLOAD ANY WORKOUT LOG OR PLAN PDF'S YOU WISH TO KEEP BEFORE CANCELING YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO THIS PROGRAM. 

Please note that refunds will not be issued for any reason unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership plan at any time, you can most easily manage your account by logging in and going to My Account.  If you have any issues with the cancellation process, please email: admin@bretcontreras.com and the Strong by Bret Administrator will be happy to assist you.